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Big Eyes™ is providing quality cold room products with prompt service for a diverse market. advantage of our cold room panel are Light weight, strong and providing great insulation properties, these panels will enhance your investment.

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Refrigeration System

Cold Storage Project

Big Eyes™ design and produced various of large, Medium, small chiller, freezer, cold storage preservation, frozen library, logistics and cold storage, pharmaceutical vaults and a variety of ultra-low temperature cold storage, cold storage of the experimental temperature storage, explosion-proof cold storage and other types of cold storage; including portfolio assembled cold storage and civil cold storage.

Cold storage at different temperature cooling food and frozen food in different temperature refrigerated storage warehouse for short time or long-time store. Mainly applies to meat, aquatic products ,vegetable and other food storage.

Cold Storage Project
Cold Storage Project
Cold Storage Project 5
Cold Storage Project 6
Cold Storage Project 8
Cold room Project 9
Cold room Project 11