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Its features are: the thermal insulation performance, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, beautiful appearance. Cold storage panel types: PPGI, galvanize steel, stainless steel, embossed aluminum.ect. Easy assembly and disassembly.

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Insulated Panels

Insulated Panels Process

Insulation board is made of steel coils and polyurethane foam core(high pressure injected process foaming) in the production process through at one time composite.

The processes of Polyurethane insulation panel has improved from the original artificial foaming to use high pressure foaming machine, production processing from cutting, plate, foam molding are made of the processional equipment line, so that ensure the panel with good surface, inner structure, foam density and evenness to meet quality requirements.

PU panel can be supply different thickness 75mm/100mm/125mm/150mm/200mm.

Insulated Panels processes

Drawing design

Cold Storage design
Cold Storage drawing
Drawing design

Material: Polyurethane & Stainless Steel

Insulated Panels Polyurethane
Insulated Panels Stainless Steel
cold room Panels Stainless Steel
Material: Polyurethane & Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Plate Cutting & Fitting & Cam Lock

Insulated Panels Cutting
Stainless Steel Plate Cutting
cold room Panels Material
Insulated Panels Cam Lock
Stainless Steel Plate Cutting & Fitting & Cam Lock


Insulated Panels Foaming machine
Insulated Panels forming
Insulated Panels process
cold room Panels workshop

(PU)Insulated Panel Molding

Insulated Panel Molding 1
Insulated Panel Molding 2
Insulated Panel Molding 3
Insulated Panel Molding 4
Insulated Panel Molding 5
(PU)Insulated Panel Molding

Installation And Testing

Cold Storage Installation 18
Cold Storage Installation 19
Cold Storage Installation 20
Cold room Installation 21
Cold room Installation 22
Cold room Installation 23
Cold room testing
Cold Storage testing
Installation And Testing


Insulated Panel Packaging

Loading Container

Insulated Panel loading Container
Loading Container

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