Factors that determine the quality of cold storage
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1. cold storage warehouse capacity
Cold storage size to be designed according to the highest annual amount to be stored agricultural products . This capacity is necessary according to the volume occupied by cold stacked in storage products , plus the aisle space between the lines , the heap with walls, ceilings and packaging between this gap and so calculated. Determine the capacity of the latter , and then determine the length and height of the cold storage . Also consider necessary ancillary buildings and facilities , such as the workplace , finishing packing room , library and handling tools , such as cold storage units designed so cold quality can be guaranteed.

2. laying insulation materials selection and quality is very important for the cold
Selection of cold storage insulation materials must be adapted to local conditions , we must have good insulation properties , but also economical and practical. Insulation material divided into several types, one is processed into a fixed shape and size of the plate, has a fixed length , width and thickness , can be installed in accordance with cold storage body need to select the appropriate size of the plate, high temperature in cold storage is generally used in 10 the library board cm thick , cold storage and freezing cold generally used 12 cm or 15 cm thick plates ; another can use polyurethane spray foam, the material is sprayed directly into the already built brick or concrete warehouse, after setting both moisture and heat . Insulation material plates are polyurethane, polystyrene resin and so on. Non-absorbent polyurethane insulation is good, but higher costs ; polystyrene resin absorbent, poor insulation, but lower cost. Modern cold storage structures fabricated positive development , made ​​the library body member includes a vapor barrier and insulation , do on-site assembly , the advantage of the construction convenient, fast , and can be moved, but the cost is relatively high.

3. select the refrigeration system is the most important quality for cold storage
Choose cold storage refrigeration system with evaporator mainly compressor selection .
Refrigeration system is the core of cold storage , mainly by compression systems, condensate systems, evaporation systems, and control valve four parts, in addition to fans, ducts and instrumentation accessories . The cooling system is a sealed circulation circuit , the refrigerant circulates in the sealing system, according to the number and the need to control the supply of the evaporator to obtain a suitable low temperature . The compressor is the heart of the cooling system , it pushes the refrigerant cycle in the system. The condenser is to exclude the compressed refrigerant gas in the heat , it condenses into liquid refrigerant ; cooling the condenser cooling air , cooling water , air and water phase combination of the three , only a small air-cooled cold refrigeration equipment applications. An evaporator in the refrigerator to provide cooling , an evaporator installed in the cold by using a blower to blow cool air in all parts of the library , common cold air duct connecting the large evaporator , extending from the air , so that the library temperature drops more uniform.

Under normal circumstances, a small selection of cold closed compressor based. Hermetic compressor power due to a small , relatively cheap ; medium-sized refrigerator is generally used mainly semi- hermetic compressors ; large selection of cold semi-hermetic compressors , in the selection , but also consider the use of ammonia refrigeration compressor , because ammonia refrigeration compressor power large , and a multi-purpose machine , but more cumbersome to install and manage . When 's cold evaporator selection, selection of high-temperature air cooler with cold evaporator , which is characterized by cooling speed, but could easily lead to the loss of water frozen goods ; in cold storage used seamless steel pipe production evaporator coils based, its characteristics are temperature effect , and the timely storage.


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